10 Free Traffic Exchange Sites to Get Instant Website Traffic

Here are 10 best free traffic exchange sites. Traffic Exchange is a service which allows webmasters to exchange their website traffic with other websites.

Traffic Exchange is an interesting concept to get free traffic for your personal blogs, business websites and online stores. If you recently build a website, and you haven’t any social media followers, traffic exchange sites help you get instant website traffic.

However, Traffic Exchange sites don’t help you keep your site traffic in steady growth in the long run. The free traffic exchange system is not a suitable method for running an online business for years. So you should target to get free SEO and social media visitors for your blog or websites.

I think that you can not bring high-quality visitors from traffic exchange services. And also these services could be sent bot traffic to your site so when you place AdSense on your website, you may lose AdSense account.

You may receive fake visits and use bots are not real. It is often that users for these sites

The bot traffic is not accepted as legitimate views. So before using any traffic exchange services to get free traffic, take a look carefully.

There are many traffic exchange websites available. Let’s take a look at 10 top free traffic exchange sites.

1. EasyHits4u

EasyHits4u is the most popular free traffic exchange site with more than 1.5 million members. This site offers a free and paid version option for members. For every site you visit, you will receive one visitor back to your website.

10 Free Traffic Exchange Sites to Get Instant Website Traffic

For example, If you are visiting 50 websites every day through easyHits4u and then you will receive 50 new visitors daily. There is no limit to free visits you can receive per day. So you can earn 10 visitors or 3000 visitors per day.

However, when you stop to visit other sites, you will not get any traffic from this traffic exchange free version.

2. 10KHits

This is the best traffic exchange to get free traffic to your blog. It provides scalable, on-demand results to webmasters. 10Khits has Geo-targeting option that lets you receive visitors from countries. You can select the United States, France, Indonesia, and India.

It also has a free and premium version. When you sign up an account, it gives 100 free traffic points. So you can bring instant traffic to your site.

the premium plan starts with $10 monthly, and it gives 50000 monthly traffic points, but a business plan only includes country based target option.

3. Rank BoostUp

Rank BoostUp is another free traffic exchange service. It offers free and premium traffic packages.

Free Members can add up to 3 websites, but Premium Members are free to add an unlimited amount of sites.

It provides country targeting features. You can get targeted website traffic from specific countries.
You can contact the 24/7 support team to answer any questions that you may have on Rank BoostUp.

4. TrafficSend

TrafficSend is a service that helps you to increase visitors and boost Alexa rankings. You can buy traffic at a very low cost from traffic exchange site.
It’s the simplest way to exchange traffic. When you buy or start a session, you’ll start getting visitors instantly from others.

Create a free account and add your websites. Start earning points, and then you will get instant visitors to your websites.

5. Hitleap

You can earn free traffic or buy a traffic package from Hitleap. It delivers traffic from all over the world. You can choose among our rich selection of countries to receive the geo-targeted traffic.

First, submit your website to the platform and visit others’ sites and They will come to your website.

The traffic is seen in Google Analytics. It can be used to increase the number of visitors and metrics of a website or a blog.

6. TrafficVirals

It is another free and paid traffic exchange network that bring scalable, on-demand results for webmasters.

7. BigHits4U

Bighits4U is a free traffic exchange service where participants can exchange traffic with other website owners.

8. TrafficG

TrafficG is another Geo-targeting free traffic exchange supported with 38 languages. It comes with 1:1 exchange ratio.

9. eBesucher Free Traffic Exchange

For every website that you visit in the traffic exchange, you get points that allow you to acquire traffic and visits yourself.

10. W3hit

W3hit is an auto surf traffic exchange site. Once registered, you can submit the sites url and deep link on which you wish to receive visitors.

Most of the traffic exchange programs are free to join. However, they have a paid membership plan and offer credits for purchase.

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