7 Free Referral Traffic Sources for Design Blogs to Get More Visitors

Here are the best free referral traffic sources to drive more visitors to your design websites or blogs.

How to increase design blog traffic is a topic that basically all designers should learn to reach their works to new audiences. If you are a graphic designer or web designer or design content creator, you need to know how to get referral traffic to your project portfolio sites or your design related articles.

You know that bring more visitors to your design work is a really important factor especially if your blog is new or recently update anything on your site. Getting traffic through SEO takes times you need to wait 3 to 12 months to see decent traffic from Google search engine.

Referral traffic is the easiest option for new bloggers and established websites.

These free referral traffic sources surely bring additional users to your blog post so you can build your audience base and also increase your earnings.

1. Web Designer News

Web Designer News is a curated collection of the best news for designers each day. It provides web designers and developers with a single location to discover the latest and most significant stories on the Web.

Web Designer News is a good site to bring a more new audience to your web design, graphics, and other design stuff articles or project.

7 Free Referral Traffic Sources for Design Blogs to Get More Visitors

You can share about anything that’s of interest to web designers and developers. This includes news items, business, case studies, tech stuff, new tools or apps, and inspirational posts.

If your submitted links get many upvotes, then you will receive hundreds of new visitors for your site. So this is an excellent site to get free traffic.

2. Designer News

Designer News is a community website where design and technology professionals share interesting links and timely events.

Whether you are writing design or technology related articles, it is the right place to share to reach more audience and bring the targeted audience back to your website.

For submitting a post, first, you need to sing up an account. once your account approved, you can post your article on here.

The best way to keep your account and get more traffic, you should only share proper and related contents to this directory site.

This designers directory site has large members, so if your post hit the front page of the site, and your website definitely receives free traffic.

3. Dribbble

Dribbble is the best place where designers and creative professionals share their works. If you are a designer or design-related content creator, you can optimize this site to generate traffic to your blog or portfolio website. So you are able to bring new visitors to your site with free cost. It proves to be the best source of traffic

You are a freelance designer. You can showcase your project and reach a new audience. Just grow your followers by posting regularly and giving feedback on other designers works.

Simply post product image with description and also with shortening link of your blog landing page to drive more visitors to your website.

Dribbble has more than 20 million monthly unique visitors so you may get decent free traffic when your post received lots of likes on the platform.

Just keep producing great work and sharing it with people, and you will see yourself moving forward.

4. Behance

Behance is a really popular place to showcase your portfolio. It worked pretty well at the beginning, a free and effective way of promoting your product. It is another source of traffic for graphic and web designers.

Behance is also a great place to study the work of some of the best designers projects and gain inspiration. When you share your recent or popular creative works on here, you can bring industry-related people back to your site.

You can link your social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook on Behance account. So it allows you to share your designs with all your followers and generate more traffic. 

5. Flipboard

Flipboard is one of best news aggregator sites and it generates thousands of visitors for a wide range of latest topics. When you share the latest graphic or web design news or article with the world and then more people will follow you on the platform. There is an option to add your website in the profile as a result people may visit your site and also you can flip your projects with the world.

6. Feedly

Feedly is another good news aggregator that help to reach you more people. Submitting your RSS feed to Feedly reader is the easiest way to get target visitors without any efforts.  

7. Pinterest

Pinterest is the very best traffic source for designers. When you share your design works or blog post with a beautiful verticle image, it generates decent traffic.

If you want to keep traffic from Pinterest, you should be active on this site and also share pins regularly.

Check out my post on how to get more Pinterest traffic. You can also use third-party tools like Tailwind to optimize and schedule posts on the perfect time.

These seven free referral traffic sites that will help you bring more visitors to your blog or websites. You should also optimize your blog for search engine and social media sites to increase website traffic.

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