9 Marketing Tools That’ll Instantly Boost Your Site Traffic

You want to grow website traffic fast. Here are 9 online marketing tools that will bring more traffic to your site instantly.

Using digital marketing tools is an effective way to dominate a website on search engines and social media.

Most of these online marketing tools are also offering a free version, so it’s useful for a startup or new bloggers. Without further ado, let us figure out how these awesome tools can help you to get more traffic fast.

01. Tailwind

Tailwind is the best tool for Pinterest marketing. You can generate thousands of traffic simply sharing images on Pinterest, but you share pins on the perfect time. You are looking to increase Pinterest traffic this is the first tool that would be considered.

The ability to schedule pins is vital, especially if your target audience is in another time zone. Tailwind is done the job for you.

You can schedule multiple pins at once for various Pinterest board. Many cool and advanced features will save your time, maximize your reach, and get more traffic to your site. You can try it for free. Your free trial includes a trial of 100 scheduled pins. No credit card required.

02. Ubersuggest

This is my favorite tool. Ubersuggest all in one SEO tool assist you in simplifying your SEO task like choosing the right keywords, backlink data, and top SEO pages report.

There’s an SEO analyzer, tells you what’s wrong with your site, what to fix so you can get more search traffic.

When you put your competitors URL, it shows their content marketing, and social media marketing strategy.

03. Feedly

Feedly is a good place where you can research what is in demand for your niche. If you are posting articles daily, you will get additional traffic from Feedly users. So you need to add your site to Feedly and Feedly button on your site to get more followers your website.

You want free traffic from Feedly. So first sign up your account, if you haven’t.

Search your site URL, follow, and then add Feedly button on your site. You will get traffic while your followers grow on Feedly.

04. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a Facebook Messenger marketing platform. Facebook Messenger is blowing up. More and more people use Facebook Messenger. It helps you create quote like an email list. So that way you can communicate to anyone on any of Facebook’s platforms.

And what’s beautiful about this is, the open rates are higher than emails, and the click rates are better as well.

Chatbot automation is an excellent tool for generating more leads. It’s a great way to get instant traffic.

05. OneSingnal

OneSingnal helps you easily grow your traffic with push notifications for web and mobile.

The free plan includes unlimited mobile and up to 30,000 web push subscribers, and you can send an unlimited notification. You can easily set up a notification for your site and get more traffic.

06. MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing tool. It is an easy to use service for sending emails to your customers and prospects.

MailChimp offers multiple integrations with other companies. The tool is especially powerful for email drip campaigns. Ultimately, it’s a good option for engaging with your audience and getting more traffic for your new contents and old posts. It’s free up to 2000 email subscribers.

07. Yoast for Organic Site Traffic

Yoast SEO is an excellent tool to help you optimize your content for search engines. You can easily solve on-page SEO tasks that will boost your rank on the search engine and get more organic traffic from Google.

This plugin helps you choose focus keywords to help you rank, individual content URLs, and internal links for an additional boost. It also evaluates your page readability score and SEO analysis.

The plugin is updated to reflect Google’s algorithm every two weeks, so you can always stay up-to-date on your SEO.

08. Buffer to Get Social Site Traffic

Social media plays an important role in small business success. You want more traffic to your website from social media, and Buffer will save your time and optimize social media post frequencies.

It is a publishing platform used for scheduling and publishing content on social media. If you are posting numerous times on 5-6 different platforms in a day, Buffer is best for you.

Buffer helps in maintaining a consistent social media presence and help to drive more traffic back to your blog.

09. Upviral to Get Viral Site Traffic

UpViral is a viral marketing tool. Using UpViral, you can turn one lead into many leads. It is easy to application that allows you to run any kind of viral marketing campaigns like viral giveaways and viral contests.

You can easily run viral giveaway campaigns. Get your visitors to bring you even more visitors by enticing them with a cool giveaway or reward if they invite their friends! This is a cool tool for getting instant website traffic and more leads.

When you use and optimize online marketing tools, you can get more traffic to your site in different ways.

You can also get more traffic when you use other referral sites. If you want to increase blog traffic with free cost, you should focus on SEO, Social media, and email marketing.

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