Tester Work Review 2023 – Get Paid to Test Apps and Websites

If you are interested in QA testing to make money, you will get paid to work at TesterWork.com. In this post, I’m going to review Tester Work. QA testing is a good job opportunity for work from home jobs seekers. Tester Work is the right place where QA professionals can work part-time and make money to test apps and websites. 

TesterWork.com allows people from around the world, and you can work from home your own working schedule. Do you have a question that Tester Work is a scam or not? This review will reveal about this company.

Summary of this Tester Work Review 

  • What is TesterWork?
  • How does it work?
  • How to join with TesterWork as a tester?
  • The requirements to join in Tester Work.
  • How much money can you earn with Tester Work?

What is TesterWork?

TesterWork.com is a global software testing company that allows freelancers to earn money by testing apps and websites. 

The company hires passionate QA tester who has experience in mobile and web. If you are qualified for testing, you will get paid to test apps and websites. Unlike Validately, it only hired people who are QA test experts.

The platform has a community of 20000+ testers around the world. And you can earn money testing websites and apps in your free time.

It’s looking for testers from all around the world. It allows employees to work from home, anywhere from and most importantly, in your spare time.

Some people are working as a full-time job, while most work as a part-time QA tester at the Tester Work.

All jobs are flexible, but you need to keep in mind that all the projects have specific start and end dates.

How it works

You just follow three steps to earn money.

Tester Work Review How it works

1. Sign up

Create a profile, and it is free to join, you need to share what devices you have. And then you have to take a short QA online test.

2. Test Apps & Websites

Once new jobs available, you will be invited to new testing projects by email after you passed their short test.

3. Get Paid to Test

Do your test and find bugs or complete tests cases and you will earn money.

Actually, you will test apps from a huge tech giant like Microsoft, Evernote, Facebook, Kano, Spotify, and many other big companies. 

Make money for the bugs you report. If you are a QA professional or only a tech enthusiast, you can increase your income by joining Tester Work.

You can test in your free time, making your own working schedule. Test on as many available projects you want from every industry. It is the places to gain and improves your QA skills and experience.

Become a better QA tester. By joining our community, you’ll have access to QA resources and gain experience by testing amazing apps.

To Join TesterWork as a Tester

Simply, click sign up button, top right-hand corner, and then Become a Tester. Fill out details.

In order to get accepted as a tester. There is an online assessment that you need to pass. It’s around 15 minutes.

If you have failed the first assessment, you will be given another chance to complete a follow-up assessment.

You can start testing as soon as you have received an email about a new project.

The Requirements to Join Testerwork.com

You need to have QA work experience or at least educational knowledge on it.

If you’re the average person like me, then bad news for you and I have no chance of getting accepted by Tester Work.

How Much Can You Earn with Tester Work?

Earning potential depends on the type of bugs or issue you find. They will pay different amounts for types of bugs and issues that users find.

Payments are sent out via Paypal.

Is Tester Work A Scam?

No, it’s not. Tester Work is a legitimate website that will pay you to test websites and apps.

Tester Work is the easiest, most straightforward way for testers, QA enthusiasts, and freelancers around the world to earn money by testing apps and websites.

If you want to earn money from this site, you must know about Quality Assurance and have excellent skills.

Even though it is available worldwide and work in your free time, Tester Work is not ideal for ordinary people because you must have good QA skills. 

The Conclusion

Tester Work is an excellent site to make money in your free time and work from home. Tester Work is only suitable for qualified testers with QA experience. However, once you develop your skill, you can join and make money. 

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