7 Gaming Apps That Let You Earn Real Money in 2022

We all need extra cash, even in the best of times. But in the middle of a pandemic, everyone is struggling to find ways to bring in some real money as a supplement to their full or part time jobs. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to keep hustling and bringing in that money 24/7, and one of them is by playing gaming apps.

That’s right: you can make money just by playing games on your phone. We’re on them all day – at work, at school, during our daily commute, even at home while we’re bored in quarantine – so why not make the most of that time? 

Below are seven gaming apps that you can earn real money on if you invest your time right. The best part is all of them are free to download, so there is no risk involved.  

1. Wiiny – Android

Wiiny requires you to invest some time to earn cash, but since we’re on our phones all day anyway, we might as well reap some real benefits. The way Wiiny works is you complete certain tasks like playing Bingo, watching videos and taking surveys. These tasks earn you tickets which you can then use to enter contests. Contest prizes include cash as well as Amazon gift cards. The more tickets you have, the better your chances are for winning. Download – Android

2. Words Words Words – Apple and Android

This app is for the word lovers out there. It works in a similar way to Wiiny in that it gives you tickets for playing its word game. All you have to do is create words from certain letters, and start racking up the tickets. You can then use them to enter drawings for cash prizes that are paid out through PayPal. It’s another one of those apps that you need to put some time into to earn any money, but most reviewers agree that the word games are fun. The more fun it is for you, the faster time will fly and the more tickets you’ll earn. 

3. Match To Win – Apple and Android

Matching games are easy and everyone can do them. Making extra cash is easy, too, when all you have to do playing match puzzles to earn tokens. You can use those tokens to enter sweepstakes for cash prizes and gift cards. The levels are set in exotic locations and popular vacation spots like Paris and Hawaii, so the game play never gets boring. When you win cash, you can take it out using PayPal. If you want to mix it up, you can also try Spin the Wheel and scratch offs to keep the wins going. 

4. Daring Descent – Android

This app is for people who want a little more excitement while they’re earning money. The goal is to guide a ball’s descent safely past layers of obstacles to collect tickets. You can enter the tickets into sweepstakes for a chance to win cash prizes. Aside from the prizes you can earn, the game itself is lots of fun and will keep you occupied for hours. And we all know time is money in these gaming apps. 

5. Word Money – Android

This app is for the word nerds out there. To win prizes in Word Money, just keep playing their word puzzles and challenges. As you play, you’ll be entered into sweepstakes for cash or vacation trips. Because in addition to some extra money, you definitely need a getaway after the pandemic. Why not play to win both?

6. Givvy – Android

Givvy uses the same concept of exchanging virtual currency for real money as some of the other apps we’ve covered so far. It comes downloaded with simple games like Tic Tac Toe; math and memory puzzles; and surveys to help you earn virtual coins. You can earn more coins by inviting your friends and family to download and play on the app. The more coins you earn, the more you can convert them to real money and cash out through PayPal. 

7. Earn Money Online 2022 – Android

The title of this app speaks for itself. The premise is simple enough: just spin a color wheel and get rewards. You can also scratch a virtual coupon to win coins, which you can eventually convert to real cash. It’s like a cross between the lottery and Wheel of Fortune, and you get two ways to win big. 

Final Words

All of these apps require some grinding to get ahead of the game. But if you spend some time on each one every day, you increase your chances of getting rewards you can use in real life, like cash or gift cards (or even trips!). Since you don’t have to pay to download any of them, there’s no risk involved and nothing to lose. Why not give it a try and possibly reap some huge benefits? 

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