8 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

For financial blogs and websites, credit card affiliate programs are lucrative options to generate money by placing affiliate links on their blogs. These types of companies offer the highest commission rate to affiliates because they want to pull the customer as quick as possible.

We can’t disagree with the fact of how important and useful these credit cards have become. A credit card has become an alternative way to buy on credit, or we can say it is a more comfortable option for instant cash facility at any hour of the day. With more credit cards comes more credit card affiliate programs

There are several credit card affiliate programs out there. Finance companies affiliate programs work differently as compared to other affiliate programs. It’s essential to know about these programs. If you are looking highest paying affiliate programs, these are the best fits for earning money with your website. Using different monetization methods give residual income for you.

The Top Credit Card Affiliate Programs

So, let’s have a look at eight best Credit card affiliate programs:

1. Credit.com

The primary aim of this program is to help people to make quick financial decisions. It is founded by credit experts in 1995. Apart from there service, they offer free education and tools. Their efforts have helped them become a go-to source for expert knowledge or advice. They ease you with high conversions rates and instant payouts.

Reasons to choose credit.com

  • High conversions rates.
  • Free education and tools.

2. TransUnion

A company that helps its members by monitoring their credit and protecting it. They have a feature called credit lock plus, which enables their users to protect their TransUnion and Equifax Reports. US-based publishers can have access to their programs. By getting in touch with them, you would get access to all types of marketing material that would be required to start promoting a platform. 

Reasons to choose TransUnion

  • Top credit agency.
  • Beneficial features.

3. Credit Karma

A company that is continually testing new ways to benefit its members. We can say that one can depend on their services. They offer free credit scores, subscriptions, reports with no hidden charges. Credit Karma acknowledge their members with the information; they need to know to take control of their credit. They provide reports to their users with up-to-date information and promise their members a highly dedicated support team to help their customers.

Reasons to choose Credit Karma

  • Free to use.
  • Score monitoring.

4. CommissionSoup

A network that facilitates you with a range of offers from almost all credits card company which are directly associated with the most reputed banks in the market. They offer a wide variety range of affiliates from which their members can choose. They have been in this industry for more than 19 years, and the primary goal is to create opportunities for affiliates for a generation of revenue. You would have access to proprietary technology by becoming a member of it. 

Why choose CommissionSoup?

  • Optimized marketing material
  • More promotions

5. Experian

The No.1 leading brand in credit card affiliate programs which is a mark of excellence because they have to work in the field from ages and provided more than 3.1 million members with products of credits monitoring. Experian’s are using commission junction for the management of their affiliate program. 

Why choose Experian?

  • Trusted and Leading network.
  • Online credit score provider.

6. Capital Bank

Capital bank top feature is, they offer friendly and secured credit card named OpenSky. You don’t need a credit check to get started at the time of the building of your credit card. The capital bank affiliate program comes with a commission junction. Customers can easily choose their limit and make it secure by a one-time refundable deposit, which helps them to improve their credit score. 

Why choose Capital bank?

  • Coverage of rental insurance.
  • Zero liability for fraud.

7. Bankrate

Bankrate is another good finance company to promote on your website. It offers a handful of guidance and tools to convert your niche site traffic to a profitable one. They have in-house affiliate tool.

Reason to choose a Bankrate

  • You will get personalized help
  • Highest monthly payouts

8. Credit Repair

One of the credit card affiliate programs that is considered a top provider of credit repair services in the United States. They have been running this field for over a decade now. It is also hosted on commission junction. The company has offered a significant number of opportunities to its members.

Reason to choose a Credit repair

  • Responsible attitude.
  • Free advice and guidance.


These mentioned affiliate programs are the top of the financial products to make money online. These types of credit card network have been voted on top of the customers, respectively. One should not take the task lightly as the credit card has become a serious business. The fascinating thing about these programs is that they offer plenty of options for goods and reliable products to be implemented and promotion. As a blogger, you can easily earn money through card affiliate marketing with good conversion rates.

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