12 of the Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2022

Can you make money online? The possibility of making more money is something a lot of people think about, though it’s not easy to do when most of us work a full-time job and have an already busy schedule. Working another job often means sacrificing your free time and minimizing your social life to earn just a few hundred extra dollars a month – and that’s not a fair tradeoff.

Thankfully, as time goes on more convenient opportunities arise to make money and one great place to look is the internet. Although there are abundant ways to make money online, one thing you should be aware of is the legitimacy of the “online job” you’re looking for. It’s always good to be cautious when investing time and effort into increasing your earning potential as there are many scams out there. Being aware and doing your research on this topic can really help you avoid the pitfalls.

In short yes, you can absolutely make money on the internet and there are a few ways you can accomplish this. Thousands of people search daily for ways to supplement their income, and one of the best ways is working from the comforts of your own home on your time.  We’ll discuss a few of the most effective ways to make money online so that you can select the method that fits your lifestyle perfectly. 

The Best Ways to Make Money Online 2022

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1. Data Entry Jobs

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to earn an income online is finding a data entry job. Data entry gigs offer compensation to complete basic tasks that can be done at your leisure or by a deadline depending on the project owner. Excellent attention to detail and typing skills will help you excel at a function like this.

2. Sell Your Stuff Online

If you are cleaning your home out this might be another quick and great opportunity to make some additional revenue. You can list some of your personal belongings that are in good shape on a classified or app. One thing to keep in mind when you are doing this is taking into account the cost of shipping if you sell your item outside of your local area.

3. Start a Blog

Do you have a hobby, or are you an expert on something you’d like to share with the world? Start a blog – you can create a visually pleasing blog filled with engaging content for your audience. Another benefit to blogging is that no matter what, you can make it fit into your schedule. There are a few ideas when it comes to getting started, you can advertise your business, sell some ad space, get affiliate links, review products, do some online coaching or consulting, and much more.

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4. Streaming

Another unique avenue to earn some extra cash is video game streaming. Just by being yourself and cultivating an online community that enjoys interacting with you, gaming can yield some pretty great rewards. After you develop a following and start growing as an influencer, you may even be able to partake in some rewarding paid sponsorships. Some platforms you can get into streaming are Twitch, YouTube, and even Facebook.

5. Write a book

Have you ever been told you should write a book? That might just be another way to make some passive income. Gather your ideas and put pen to paper, connect with an editor, and see about getting your works published and sold on an app store. Your story might just captivate the right audience and be the next best seller!

6. Web design and development

If you have skills in web design and development your expertise is in demand. You can advertise your services and begin growing a customer base, having a working portfolio will help you do this. Many small businesses are too busy to allocate the proper resources it can take to develop a website. This is where you can help a company while also growing your own business. Consulting is another category you may be able to assist with. You can perform evaluations on existing websites and offering recommendations. In turn, you will be paid for your time and your insights. 

7. Become an educator

Online tutoring is always in demand and is especially helpful if you have a background in teaching. There are wide varieties of topics that you can offer tutoring skills in. Teaching a language is often also mutually beneficial, you can brush up on your skills in another language while also helping someone else. 

8. Complete surveys

Completing surveys is one of the most popular ways to make a bit of money online. It’s easy to get started doing surveys, you typically need to sign up on a website, complete some basic information and verify how you would like to be paid. Usually, you will collect your money via PayPal and will need to track your earnings if applicable for tax purposes.

9. Become a sneakerhead

You can make a surprising amount of money reselling sneakers. Becoming savvy and understanding which sneaker drops to look out for will ensure your success. This may be a more sporadic way of making money, as there is a lot of competition when making a purchase. Reselling sneakers also requires some upfront capital to make your initial purchase. There are a few options you can sell online on your own or utilize a massive online platform like StockX.

10. Buy and sell domain names

If you have an eye for the “next big thing” buying and selling domain names might just be your niche. Domains can cost as low as .99 to make a purchase, and you can then flip a popular or sought after name for a very high-profit margin. A good place to start is checking out hosting sites like GoDaddy.

11. Affiliate marketing

Whoever said social media doesn’t pay off clearly wasn’t an affiliate marketer. If you are an influencer and have a decently large following on social media you might just be the perfect candidate to become an affiliate marketer. By endorsing a product from a company that you enjoy you can earn a proceed of the purchase price when you encourage others to use your discount code. 

12. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best side hustles you can get into online. One of the benefits of becoming a freelancer is the type of employment opportunities you can find. There are tons of gigs from content writing to becoming a human billboard, it will be easy to find something that fits your skill set. One of the most popular freelance sites is Fiverr, you can sign up as a seller and offer your creative, sales, organizational, etc. services to a vast network of customers.

Get Started Today

Before you go and get started building your residual income, there are a few things you can do to properly prepare yourself for your first gig.

Laying the groundwork

First, identify your skills and see what kind of demand exists for your services. Next, you’ll want to plan on how you intend on receiving payments and obtaining your customers. You could create your own website and attempt to market yourself, or you can join a popular freelancing website and post your listings. Pricing your services consistently will be important while ensuring you are setting a fair cost for yourself and your customers.

Target your audience

Spend some time and do a bit of research to understand who you will be advertising your services to. Getting to know your customers will help you find them easily and selling your services as solutions to their problems will make this process systematic. This will help you not waste time on advertising what you are selling to the wrong people. 

Customer service

First impressions last a lifetime – they really do, so make sure that you deliver your work as promised. Another great way to build customer trust is to send regular updates. Your customer is taking a chance with hiring you, so you’ll want to put your best foot forward.


Every time you complete a side hustle, take some time to do an evaluation. What made your last gig a success, how do you replicate that, and what could you potentially do in the future to improve? Asking yourself these questions will help you grow and increase your earnings.

Are You Ready to Start?

Now that you have a few ideas fresh in your mind, it might be time to take the first steps toward your financial freedom. Many of these side hustles have the potential to turn into full-time careers. Do your homework, ensure the legitimacy of the site you are working with, and start earning money online today.

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