16 Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives to Monetize Niche Site

Are you not happy with the new Amazon affiliate commission rate? Do you feel new changes ruined your affiliate marketing business model? In this post, I will share with you some of the best Amazon affiliate alternatives to supplement your income. 

Amazon announced that they updated the commission rates for affiliates, effective April 21st, 2020. All Amazon associates programme members see a decline in their earnings from this week. If your niche site totally depends on Amazon affiliate income, your site lost revenues from 40% to 60%. 

Amazon Old vs New Commission Structure

Here is the screen shot of old Amazon affiliate commission rare.

Amazon old commission structure before 2017

Amazon old commission structure before 2017

Amazon Commission Structure from March 1st 2017

Amazon Commission Rate from March 1st 2017

The latest Amazon commission rate changes as of April 21st 2020

The latest Amazon commission rate 2020
New Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate

There are many affiliates worried about this Amazon commission slashes. When you place more than one monetizing network on your site, you can avoid earnings decline. So, in this article, I come up with some of the best Amazon affiliate alternatives to increase your earnings overall.  

The Best Alternatives to Amazon Affiliate Program

1. Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart Affiliate Program is the best alternative to Amazon associates. This is the biggest retail company in the United States and they sell almost every product Amazon sells. 

The Walmart Affiliate Program enables you to earn money by placing links on your blog. When a visitor clicks those product links to Walmart.com and finishes a qualifying purchase, you receive a commission. It is an easy way to turn your site visitors into revenue for you. 

Like Amazon, Walmart.com commission rate structure varies from categories to categories, and you get commission rate from 1% to as high as 18%. They have three days referral period.

2. Target Affiliate Program

Another huge retail corporation to shop online and in-store, Target allows you to purchase items from groceries to clothing and electronics. The Target Affiliate Program lets bloggers monetize their content with a famous brand.  

The commission rates come from 1% to 8%. Another best thing, it has a seven day cookie period whereas amazon 24 hours cookie. 

3. Etsy Affiliates

If you have a niche site in handmade products or sharing unique gift items, Etsy Affiliates is the right one for you. Etsy is the best website to buy unique and creative goods. They allow 30 days cookie period. 

Etsy affiliate commission rate is 4% for qualifying sale. However, they do not approve all affiliate application. Your application must comply with partner terms. This global marketplace site has a wide range of banners to share on your blog. 

4. Viglinks

Viglinks is the best amazon affiliate alternative for publishers who are using automated links. When you place Viglinks code on your site, it finds matching products from brands and link from your contents. This in-text affiliate technology reduces your workload, and you can focus on writing more content for your blog. 

5. AdSense 

Do you only place Amazon affiliate links on your site? You might be made a wrong decision because you missed an excellent earning potential with your site. So, you must put Adsense ads on your website.

Google AdSense is the best advertising network in the market. There are lots of niche website owners get RPM between $7 and $45 per thousand page views. You can place Adsense code with Amazon affiliate codes. When you place ads on your site, you will get additional income. So, you no longer to worry about Amazon commission slashes now or in the future.

6. Impact Radius

Do you have a niche site related to digital products and software? Impact Radius is the best affiliate network where you can make money for sharing digital products & services and physical goods links on your blog. 

Impact Radius partnered with the most popular companies like Envato, Hostgator, Adidas, Walmart and Target. If you already share digital service or products on your blog, you can try Impact on your site. 

7. Taboola 

Taboola is a native advertising company which helps you earn extra income from your site. Are you place Amazon native shopping ads widget bottom of your content? And then you can replace those widgets with native ads. 

You can earn from eight cents to one dollar per clicks which is high compared to Amazon native shopping ads. 

8. ShareASale 

ShareASale is one of the best Amazon affiliate alternatives in 2020. This affiliate network includes hundreds of companies from a huge variety of niches. You can get a partner for almost any niche that you are running on your site. 

As an affiliate, you are able to select your favourite brand to link from the site and earn a commission. ShareASale has a different payment method to withdraw your earnings. 

9. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is one of the most popular affiliate networks. Whether you have digital services niche or physical goods, you can find a partner from this network. On this platform, many brands offer up to 30% commission rate so publishers can make more money by converting traffic to their brand’s site.

10. Awin

Awin is another affiliate network similar to CJ Affiliate. As a publisher, you can join for free anywhere in the world. It provides a handful of solution for both advertisers and publishers. 

Other amazon associates affiliate alternatives that are worth to check out 

11. Best Buy Affiliate

12. AliExpress Affiliate

13. eBay Partner Network

14. ClickBank 

15. Rakuten Affiliate

16. Newegg Affiliate

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