12 Best Ways for Kids to Make Money in 2022

In this vast era of technology, it is no wonder that even kids are making money. Yes, you read it right. There are many ways for kids to make money nowadays. Gone are the days when it was only a dream of a kid to make money, and the only option they had was doing a couple of hour’s job at a minimum wage during the week. Now, from online jobs to maintenance working, there are many ways for kids to make money.

How to make money as a kid

Who does not want to make money? Of course, everyone wants, and it is amazing when you have got the urge and talents too. But the thing which comes in a kid’s way is the age requirements for getting a job.

So, how can kids make money? For this, one needs to think outside the box. Do you also wonder how can kids make money? Today, I am going to tell you 12 good ways to earn money as a kid.

1. Take Paid Online Surveys 

Yes, if you are over 13, this one is best for you. You can share your opinion about the brands, which will, in return, help them in delivering better services and items.

You get paid either in the form of gift cards or cash. For online paid surveys, Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are the best ones. It is sometimes difficult to take online paid surveys if you are not over age 18, but with Swagbucks, children 13 and over can take surveys to earn money.

2. Walk or Pet Sit Dogs

The family who owns the dog treats them like a family member. Their dogs need the same amount of attention and care as any other family member.

It is very important for them to treat their dogs like kids and to give them proper time, even if they are on a hectic schedule.

Care.com is the best way to find clients. Just sign in with the guardian’s vouch for you and create job requirement flyers. Spread the fliers in your neighborhood, and make sure to tell them that you are available for work.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

How can kids make money with YouTube channel? If you are familiar with Ryan’s Toy Review, you must be aware how the 7-year-old had made a whopping $22 million last year from his YouTube account. He made his account three years ago and reviewed his toys. He rose to fame when one of his videos went viral. It is the best way for kids to make money.

So, what’s stopping you? You don’t have to look for a unique concept or need some expensive things.

No matter what you are doing, make a video and show your talents to the world. It doesn’t require much effort, but it is the number one way of making money with some fame. However, you don’t get to earn as soon as you start, but it surely pays off significantly if you are determined with your work. 

4. Design Website or Start Your Blog

If you want one for yourself, start your blog. With a blog, you can make a passive income with meaningful content. However, they take little time to monetize, but it is the perfect mean of making money right from your home or class.  

If you are interested in technology and are an advanced teenager, they try this. Yes, it could be one of the best ways for kids to make money. You can design a website for small businesses. But you must be wondering how to find the clients.

Well, it’s easy! Search all the local businesses with your local chamber of commerce. Find the ones who don’t own a website, visit them, and offer them to make one.

You can tell them the importance of websites and how can having one can increase the growth of their business. Give your clients a discount and, in return, ask them for referrals.

5. Resell Items Online

What about your old video games and old clothes? Are they still waiting to get out of the never-opened cupboard? But more than this how can kids make money with old items?

These are some of the questions everyone has in mind. Well, it’s time to take them out. Because selling your old video games and clothes will also bring you some extra money. Choose a local consignment shop and sell your old items easily.

6. Social Media Manager

We can say that this is also a new job and ahs come out due to advancements in technology. Like 15 years old, there wasn’t a single online store.

But today, a business without a social media presence is not even considered a business. So, instead of scrolling Instagram or Facebook, manage a business account. Get paid for posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and interacting with the customers. 

7. Become a Babysitter At Home

Do you love babysitting? Many teens love to babysit, but their parents did not allow them to do it alone. Why worry? Look for work-at-home moms who want a babysitter for their children. Such moms love to have someone who will not only look after but can also entertain their children while they get their things done. 

8. Put Up Holiday Decorations

Each year holidays come with lots of decorations, which takes hours to get them settled. Kids can make some extra money when they have some spare time.

They can do the decorations on behalf of busy parents or the elderly and can make some extra cash for them.

9. Paint the Exterior of a Home

Painting the house is not big of a job, but it is often put off by homeowners due to the extreme weather conditions. Kids during their spring and summer break can help them out and can also offer their services of painting not only exterior but also the interior of the house. Painting is an unwanted task, so they can also get a lot of cash by charging extra.

10. Mow Lawns

This is one of the best ways for kids to make money in summer break beside a part-time job. You can also do it as a hobby or can even turn it into a great business. It is not a side hustles for kids. Do a simple push mower or offer more services when you get more gardens. Try to get the bigger equipment as it will save time too.

11. Landscaping

Landscaping is considered as a highly profitable business for teenagers. If a teenager is willing to give its full time and passion, he can easily earn thousands of dollars each month.

12. Start a Jewelry Business

Jewelry business can be only done if you have got the crafting talents. You can start your handmade jewelry line and can sell it on online stores like on Etsy, at School, Craft shows, etc. Find the materials from your local hobby store and start showing your talents to the world today!

Final Thoughts

Don’t wait at home, thinking that you can’t do anything if you are underage. Get out and discover new ways for kids to make money. A kid making its own money, what would be better than this? Making money is important, but the essential thing is; are you saving it or not.

What’s the point of earning if you are not even saving it? If you want to buy something like a car, a highly expensive video game or anything else, use your own money. You can also invest your money. But remember to do it in positive means. Long-term thinking is important, but always makes sure that your every step is under your parents’ surveillance. Go out and use your amazing talents. We wish you the best!

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