The Best Types of Freelance Job You Can Do

Freelancing is a great way to earn using your professional skills – or not. That’s right. There are numerous types of freelance job which does not require you to be an expert in a niche to offer your services; with basic knowledge and experience, you can learn as you earn!

Although the number of people migrating into freelancing has risen over the years, there’s still a vast gap between the demand and the supply of freelancers. A perfect example is content writing. The need for content is growing enormously along with the use of the internet, and there are not enough content writers to meet this skyrocketing need.

But, asides from content writing, what other types of freelance jobs can you go for?

What Types of Freelance Job Should You Go For?

Anything… anything you feel comfortable with or would love to try!

Several companies are beginning to hire more contractors and freelancers, perhaps because they are more cost-effective. Or they do so to focus on primary objectives.

Whichever the case may be, that’s awesome news for you!

If you’re bothered that you don’t have any specialized skill to sell, it’s time to change that mindset!

12 Types of Freelance Jobs You Should Try 

Although there are several types of freelance jobs out there for you to try, we’ve assisted you in compiling the best you can easily start with and earn as a newbie. If you already have skills and experience in a particular field, you should start from there.

1. Content Writer/Copywriter 

Amongst numerous types of freelance jobs, content writing remains the most common and most popular. “Content is King” – Bill Gates. Since content has been recognized as the king of marketing, businesses are willing to let go of huge amounts of money for top-notch content – including blogs, press releases, guides, and other written content.

To become a successful freelance writer, you must have well-developed writing skills and the creativity for storytelling.

2. Graphic Designer 

Graphic design is also one of the types of freelance jobs that is in insane levels of demand. Businesses, organizations, and individuals always have one reason or another to search for a graphic designer.

However, graphic design, just like most types of freelance jobs, requires you to have a particular niche. Even though you can be an expert in more than one niche, you should focus on one first as a starter.

3. Developer (Programmer, Coder)

It is safe to say that programming is the most in-demand job in the world at the moment. Most of the top businesses in the world today are online – business has gone digital in such a way that it is almost impossible to find a business without a website. That’s a lot of websites; who’s going to do all that building?

Just like graphic designers, freelance programmers need to have a specialization based on their experience.

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4. Marketing Professional 

Freelance marketing is a very broad field that can involve running paid ads on Facebook or refining a website copy. The job could also require you to run social media marketing campaigns.

Even though there’s a vast and growing community of freelance marketers, consultants, and strategists, they all have one thing in common – Digital skills.

5. Videographer   

In the vast types of freelance jobs you could go into, video-graphing can be one of the most demanding. To be successful, you have to impress your clients with fantastic filming and video editing skill.

With the right video editing software, a few years of experience, and a strong project portfolio, you’ll thrive in the market.

6. Translator   

For advertising firms, publishers, and global organizations, localized content is one of the most vital marketing strategies. There are countries and communities where you can only connect with prospective customers through their local dialect.

It is noteworthy that translating isn’t a freelance you can do without previous experience or academic background in translation.

7. Freelance Photographer 

Freelance photography is a very specialized field and is known as one of the most common types of freelance job. It’s a fascinating job to handle, but not limited to simply taking pictures for clients.

It might seem like this is a very simple niche to hop on, but without a strong portfolio and relevant experience, it is very unlikely to get gigs early on.

8. SEO Professional 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the same as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and is a major deal in digital marketing. Known as one of the most popular jobs in the freelance circle, SEO requires a very long list of pre-requisite skills and knowledge about Google algorithms, link building, Panda effect, long-tail keywords, and lots more.

If it sounds fascinating, you should go for it!

9. PR & Branding 

As a communications specialist for brands, you can never lack in freelance jobs. Public Relations (PR) is a very vast field of work that includes tasks like brand awareness campaigns, product launches, native advertising, brand activation, and a lot more.

To succeed in this type of freelance job, you have to be a good storyteller. You’ll also need excellent visual and editing skills.

10. Freelance Accountant/Book Keeper 

Accounting/Booking might sound like the typical 9-5 jobs, but you’d be amazed at how much demand there is for freelance accountants.

With a good eye for detail, an excellent grasp of tax laws, commercial awareness, and robust excel know-how.

11. HR Manager

For every growing firm, HR management is an essential aspect of the business. HR management is one of the types of freelance jobs you can handle remotely from home or in your client’s office.

But to get a gig in this niche, you need some experience in some similar roles.

12. Freelance Art Director 

Freelance art directors can work in several industries while leading creative design teams. Art directors are in charge of the designs of other artists in the team to help create the perfect work in line with the vision or goal of the project.

To succeed in this field, you’ll need to come forward with a good portfolio, as well as an excellent background in art & design.

Another fantastic field to look into is the Voice Over Artist. Well, a fluent nuance is a good start here.  


All in all, there are numerous types of freelance jobs to consider. Although we only listed 12 of the best, there are different niches under each of them, and you can always specialize.

With every business moving online, you’re on the right path to securing a good source of income – there’s never been a greater opportunity for freelancers!

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