How to Make Money on Steam – Fast Method in 2022

While most gamers know how to use Steam, the majority do not know how to make money on Steam. Earning money using Steam is a lucrative prospect that many qualified users fail to take advantage of.

The best part about earning money with Steam is that there is a variety of methods to do so. These opportunities are made up of things that they would normally do on the site already. For these reasons, Steam is a great side gig for gamers looking to make a bit of extra money online with little effort. In particular, Steam trading cards are an often-overlooked gold mine that frequent users should know about.

In this post, we will explore some of the ways in which interested gamers can make money on Steam.

How Does Steam Work?

Steam is an online platform for distributing PC games and connecting PC gamers through social networking features.

While Steam was created to host video games from its parents’ company, Valve Corporation, it has since expanded to include third party titles as well. This decision has made Steam a massive player in the video game industry.

One of the unique features of Steam that draws players to the platform is its reward system using trading cards. As players move through games and complete objectives, Steam automatically drops trading cards of varying degrees of rarity into their inventory.

Complete sets of these online trading cards can be exchanged for badges which users can collect. There is, however, a catch. Users can only obtain half of the cards required to make a set simply by playing the game.

In order to complete the set, they must purchase or trade for the missing cards with another player. This system gives value to even the free playing cards, as they are necessary to make up a complete set.

How to Make Money on Steam as a Gamer

There are a few different ways to earn money on Steam. One is to take part in the video game development process. Such as a programmer, artist, writer or other relevant roles. And also, you can sell a third-party game on the Steam marketplace.

The second is accessible to any gamers with a bit of extra time and knowledge. Gamers on Steam can earn a decent amount of money on the side just by making smart item trades on the Steam marketplace.

Gamers can sell virtual trading cards. And also, in-game items via the Steam Market for credit in their Steam Wallet that they can use on the Steam platform. Unfortunately, this method does not allow you to withdraw money made as real currency. However, it can still be a worthwhile pursuit for frequent users of the Steam site.

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Steam Trading Cards

To begin, it is important to go over some information about the nature of trading cards in Steam games. Each Steam game normally generates three trading cards.

These can be worth anywhere between a few cents to a few dollars depending on demand. These cards are automatically earned once you have invested a certain amount of time into the game. For this reason, the cards earned second and third are generally more valuable. This is because they require users to invest more time into the game to obtain.

Additionally, some games will also deposit in game items into the users account as a free reward for playing. These games vary in rarity and value, with the more popular games on the site generally dropping more valuable items.

As you collect these in game items, you can list them on the Steam Market for purchase. It should be noted that purchases are automatic, so be sure that you are willing to part with an item prior to listing it.

How to Make Money on Steam as a Game Developer

The second method for making money on Steam has the potential to be much more lucrative, but it does require some skill to be successful. Steam allows users to distribute their original third-party PC games via Steam Direct.

Perhaps the best part of this method is that users can receive payment in direct deposit rather than simply being paid through in game currency. There is some financial risk associated with this method. Users will need to make an investment of time and labour in order to develop their game.

This could include hiring costs if they need additional staff to develop a full PC game. Additionally, Steam charges a $100 fee for users to list games in the Steam Direct marketplace.

For this reason, game developers should account for this expense when weighing the pros and cons of developing a game on the site. This can be well worth it if you are confident in your ability to develop fun and compelling games that Steam users will want to purchase.

The potential for profit via selling games on Steam Direct is much higher than simply selling in game items and trading cards. Steam does have guidelines and criteria which describe what is considered acceptable content on the platform.

While these guidelines have become stricter in the recent past, they are fairly easy to meet as long as you make yourself aware of them ahead of time.

How Much Can I Earn Selling Games on Steam?

How much you can earn selling games on Steam? It will depend on two factors: the popularity of your game, and how much you list it for. Steam also pockets 30% of the selling price as commission. So it is important to keep that in mind when determining profitability.

Another factor to note is that the $100 deposit is not eligible for refund unless you exceed a payout limit of $1,000 by Steam. If you have an interest in game development and want to maximize profits selling games via Steam Direct, there are a few different ways to go about this.

First and foremost, you should prioritize creating a fun game that will garner good reviews. Word of mouth is the best way to generate sales on Steam.

Going out of your way to enhance the presentation of your game on Steam. Direct is another way to increase sales. Including things like a well-made game trailer and a collection of in game screenshots will help potential customers understand your game and make them more likely to purchase it.

In addition to selling your own original games on Steam Direct. Users can also work for hire for other independent game developers. Independent game developers are constantly on the lookout for skilled programmers, artists and more to assist them with their creative pursuits.

Finally, users can also make money on Steam by using third party apps like:

These sites allow them to obtain Amazon gift cards which can be exchanged for Steam currency.

In Conclusion

All in all, there are many ways to make money on Steam both as a player and as a game developer. If you are a motivated gaming enthusiast with a bit of time on your hands, try out these methods for earning money on Steam today.

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