14 Websites to Get Paid to Read Books in 2022

Do you have a hobby of reading books regularly? Do you like to earn extra cash with your hobby? If yes, you can earn money while enjoying reading books. Here are some of the sites that will pay you to read books as your side hustle.

Whether you are interested or not, reading is a great exercise for your brain. If you want to expertise any subjects or language, you should read at least twenty pages daily. But, most people want to make money online simply, if you are one of them, this is an easy way to make money for you.

Can You Really Make Money Reading Books?

The simple answer is YES. You can make money from reading books and writing quality reviews about what you read. So, tecnically you have to write honest feedback about that book and then you will get paid. If you have experience in writing you can make a reasonable income through these sites. Some book review websites provide opportunities for beginners who want to perform a beta reading for a few dollars.

How Much Book Readers Are Paid

The amount that is paid from these companies varies from person to person. For example, some sites may pay you $5 while others will pay you over $1,000 to read books in exchange for writing a simple review.

Some websites require 350 words reviews, others want 1000-1500 words detailed reviews so that getting paid from these sites differs.

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How To Get Paid To Read Books

Here are some of the companies that will pay cash for book reviews.

  1. Kirkus Media
  2. Online Book Club
  3. Reedsy Discovery
  4. Publishers Weekly 
  5. U.S. Review of Books
  6. Women’s Review of Books 
  7. Upwork
  8. Moody Press Publishers 
  9. Net Galley
  10. Bethany House
  11. Book Browse
  12. Tyndale Blog Network
  13. The Chicago Book Review
  14. New Pages

Do you want to get paid to read books? These are the 14 sites that will pay cash for something you love to do.

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