The best things to sell on Etsy to make money

If you’ve been searching for the best online marketplace to make money, you’ll want to try Etsy first. While there are several amazing eCommerce platforms where you can earn good morning, Etsy is one of the cheapest for beginners. You just have to know the best things to sell on Etsy to make money.

First, what is the platform all about?

What is Etsy?

With over 2.5 million users, Etsy is a global eCommerce store that allows you to sell your items with a low commission of 5% on each sale. However, it is different from Amazon, Shopify, or eBay. Etsy is where you go, primarily for custom, vintage, unique, and craft goods.

Most of the items that sell on Etsy are under categories like arts, clothes, jewelry, home décor, bags, and a lot more. Handmade arts, too, are one of the hottest niches on Etsy.    

Is It Worth Selling on Etsy?

Opening a store on Etsy is one of the best ways to reach a wider audience range. Although you get charged a little commission and fee to promote your products, it is an excellent option if you’re a beginner.

As long as you have the best things to sell on Etsy, you’re on your way to making good extra money.

What Does it Cost to Sell on Etsy?

To open a store on Etsy is free! Then listing your products will cost you $0.20 per month for each item. Also, you’re charged a 5% commission on the selling price as a transaction fee.

There’s also something called postage fee, which depends on the delivery provider or postage you pick. The good thing is, you can add the postage cost at the top of the price for the customer to pay for it.

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What Does it Cost to Sell on Etsy

The Top 7 Best Things to Sell in Etsy to Make Money

Opening a store on Etsy is pretty easy – anyone can do that in minutes. But to actually make money, you have to be on the right track. You need to know the products that bring the money.

Handmade Items

Some of the high earners are in this category. And this is because the platform majors on the idea of beautiful and unique handmade creations. Although this category might seem too broad, there are simple items you can sell here. The category has a customer base of its own.

Here are bestselling items under this category:

  • Pet Treats and Accessories
  • Candles
  • Jewelry
  • Toys
  • Notebooks and Journals
  • Ceramics, etc.


 If you’re interested in the best thing to sell on Etsy to make money, perhaps, stickers are the number one choice. It’s not just one of the bestselling items but also super easy – the options for style and customization are endless.

What’s more, customers always buy stickers in large quantities than any other item. With little graphic design skills, you can create tons of stickers instantly. The demand for this item is high, so you should consider starting with it. Also, note that you’ll need a sticker printer here.


Jewelry has always been a huge deal on Etsy, but on gifting seasons like Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, you’ll want to start your store with this item. A study reveals that over 49% of women prefer jewelry as their Christmas present. That’s a huge number of prospects to sell to!

Nevertheless, you don’t want to ignore the men’s jewelry category. A lot of sellers on Etsy are focused on female jewelry, so you might want to go for the abandoned prospects – Men.

Items you can sell here:

  • Silver Pendants
  • Bracelets
  • Adjustable Rings
  • Crystal Jewelry, etc.

Raw Craft Supplies

Etsy is popular for tons of crafters and raw materials for DIYs. You can sell gems, feathers, wooden beads, and many more. Creatives and crafters are always searching for new and unique supplies. So, raw craft supplies wholesalers make a lot of money from this niche.

If you have a good source of raw materials for DIYers, you can become a top seller in this category in a short time.

Baby Accessories

From baby shower items to baby’s first birthday decorations – as well as everything in between – is a hot-selling niche on Etsy. Parents and expecting parents are always on the platform searching for beautiful and unique items for their babies.

Here are some tips for you: make your packaging bright, taking into account colors. Your can also present your items as the perfect gifts for a baby shower. If you want to start making money here, start with these:

  • Milestone Mats
  • Baby Clothing and Headbands
  • Adjustable Baby Furniture
  • Personalized Toys


There are endless sellers selling clothes you could find in a thrift store or a high street in this category. It is a tricky category, and a lot of sellers aren’t doing well here.

However, it is on this list because there are also tons of sellers making good money here. And you could start making it here in days. How? The key is to design or stick to a style that you can’t find anywhere else. Try personalized t-shirts, hobby-based, popular quotes, etc.

Wedding Accessories and Items

Do you want to make good money selling wedding stuff? Personalize your items – it’s that simple. Your promoted store should tell your customers that you can personalize every aspect of the item they need.

Weddings are pretty important to couples, and they want every item in the wedding to be personalized. So, if you can achieve that in any aspect of wedding items, you’re good to go. Here are some ideas you can personalize:

  • Wedding Gifts
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Favors
  • Wedding Decorations

Final Thoughts

To make good money on Etsy, you have to go where the demand is. You need to get to people that are willing to pay for what you want to create. And with this article, you can start with the best things to sell on Etsy to make money.

If you don’t go where it’s “hot,” you’ll only be promoting a hobby no one wants to pay for. Do a little bit of research.

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