25 Best News Aggregator Websites of 2023

If you are surfing the web to find out what is going on around the world, a news aggregator is your best option. The best news aggregator websites or apps share all the top trending news and news portal articles in one place, making it possible for you to read your customized stories on any device.

Moreover, content aggregator sites and apps are really useful for users to gather only content related to their favorite subjects. The news aggregator is the perfect tool for catching up on the latest trending stories about international and domestic politics, economics, business, science, technology, public relations, sports, culture, etc. Bloggers can use content aggregator sites not only for getting traffic to websites but also to get content ideas and get backlinks for their blogs.

What is a content aggregator?

A content aggregator is a website or mobile app that aggregates articles from news websites and blogs. Aggregators show content based on the users’ interests and content to which they subscribed. These websites or apps either display articles on their platform or link to the primary article sources.

Who is a content aggregator? There are a lot of news aggregators and RSS feed tools that aggregate news and web content updates from different online sources such as social media, social networking, bookmarking sites, blogs, and also micro-blogging sites.

What are News Aggregator Websites?

There are different types of news aggregator sites on the web. News Aggregators mostly never publish their own content. All these content aggregators collect articles from other news sites or blogs.

How do news aggregator sites work? News aggregators fundamentally follow data gathering from news websites using RSS feeds or crawl whole HTML pages as the news aggregation workflow. However, some news aggregators work based on stories submitted by users or publishers on platforms like Reddit, Hacker News, and Fark.

List of the Best News Aggregator Websites

Let’s take a look below at a list of the best news aggregator websites that provide the latest news updates for users and generate traffic for publishers and bloggers.

1. Feedly

Feedly is the best content aggregator tool that collects related content for your topics of interest, making it easy for you to follow the topics you like.

When you subscribe to your favorite content category or news publishers, Feedly will show news related to them in your feed so you can easily control what you want to read.

The Feedly app is available for both iOS and Android. You can also use the Feedly news aggregator site on web browsers and apps on iPhone or Android devices and it is also available as a cloud-based service.

2. News360

News360 is one of the best news aggregator sites and aggregates news from online news publishing sites and blogs. This personalized content aggregation tool provides the topic-based content that you prefer to read. News360 not only gathers digital content from popular news sites but it also collects useful articles from reliable blogs.

When you enable notifications, News360 will send you notifications about breaking news. Moreover, it is the best news site to read about financial, insurance, health, art, technology, architecture, photography, gaming, web design, and graphic design news along with a lot more topics.

News360 best news aggregator websites

News360 app is available on iOS and Android, so the app can be installed on iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones or tablets. You can choose your comfortable reading device, whether it is your mobile or laptop.

3. Google News

Google News Google News is a free news aggregator which shares aggregated news from thousands of news websites. With Google news aggregator, you will get the latest updates from the world news, US News, business, technology, entertainment, sports, science, travel, health, and more. In addition, you can easily organize headline sections for your local city or town news stories and also topics based on your interests.

The site can be easy to handle to view news and stories matching your personal interests. You can add subjects you want to see news about or names of news sources. Also, there is an option to change the existing preferences for topics.

If you want to read news from the best news sites, you can customize the news portal which only features news from Google-approved news websites. If publishers want to show their content on Google news, they must submit their site to Google News Publisher Center. In order to get approval, the site must comply with the content policies and technical news index guidelines.

4. Flipboard

Flipboard is another popular news aggregator website. This personalized magazine pulls content from a variety of sources using the RSS aggregator tool.

You can read aggregated content on Flipboard on the web browser of your computer or you can install the mobile app for reading the latest stories on your Android, iPhone or iPad.

Flipboard allows you to select the priority of the content features in your home dashboard. You can sign up for a free account and start reading great content that is useful for you or just read the breaking news. You can also read DoubleHike on Flipboard.

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5. Alltop

AllTop is one of the most popular news aggregator sites. It aggregates top news headlines and blog articles from the world’s most popular websites like Wired, BBC, Reuters, CNN, TechCrunch, Mashable, and more.

This content aggregation site gathers the latest trending story from mainstream news sites and also on viral, tech, sports, entertainment, health, lifestyle, business, autos, science, and religion topics.

6. Techmeme

If you are a tech enthusiast, Techmeme is the best technology news aggregator platform. It shows all the latest technology-related articles in one place. You can see technology news from popular tech websites like CNET, The Verge, India Today Technology, CNBC, TechCrunch, etc.

7. Panda

Panda helps you personalize content and is an easy way to keep up with industry trends. If you are a designer or techie, Panda is an excellent platform to curate all information from a variety of sources in one interface.

You can quickly find the best content from popular design, art, and technology websites. This site is most popular among web and graphic designers, artists, developers, and tech entrepreneurs.

8. Pocket

Pocket is another news aggregator app that curates all content in one place. It also allows you to save articles for offline reading so it can be used for aggregating your favorite and informative web content. Here, you can find a wide range type of content like articles, videos, and stories from all publications. The platform integrated more than 1500 apps so you can save articles while reading on other news aggregators or news apps or websites.

9. NewsNow

NewsNow is another news aggregator service that gathers breaking news headlines from a wide range of publications. You can see thousands of publications, including top news providers’ latest stories links. If you are looking for UK-based news, this is a good place to go.

10. Reddit News

On /r/news, people share breaking and top and controversial news stories from the web.

Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website where users submit posts from various content sources. It also works as the best content aggregator that provides useful articles on a wide variety of topics.

Here, you can find many articles on any subject from food to movie celebrity gossip.

11. SmartNews

SmartNews is a mobile news application for iPhone and Android. It shares the top trending news stories influencing the world right now. You can also browse headlines quickly and customize your channels and read the news offline. You can download this free news alternative app for iOS and Android devices.

SmartNews delivers news headlines and breaking news from top news publishers like NBC News, USA Today, TIME, Reuters, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, MSNBC, Bleacher Report, Quartz, The Verge, VICE, VOX, AP, Fast Company and more.

12. Mix.com

The popular discovery engine StumbleUpon has moved to Mix.com which is another popular content aggregator that lets you curate and discover the best of the web. It corresponds to your interest category whether you like Gadgets, interior design, photography, geeks, art, photoshop, design or any other subject matters, then just click the pages adds those topics in your lists.

13. Inoreader

Inoreader is more than an RSS reader for news. The community of content curators explores various topics.

If you are looking for an alternative to Feedly, Inoreader is the best feed reader software for you. You can use it whether on the web, iPhone, or Android devices.

14. Designer News

Designer News is a content aggregator for designers. This is the perfect place for people who are working or interested in design and technology.

15. Popurls

Popurls is one of the best content aggregators that pulls the latest posts from different kinds of websites such as social networks, blogs, and news publications.

16. Curator

Curator is a social media aggregator for developers, designers, charities, universities, and other brands.

17. TweetDeck

TweetDeck aggregates Twitter content in one place. You can use it to see news-related tweets. For more information, read how to use TweetDeck.

18. WP News Desk

WP News Desk is a content aggregator that collects posts about WordPress, allowing bloggers and WordPress developers to submit their own WordPress blog to the news desk.

19. Bing News

Bing News is another news aggregator site to find news for almost every topic. The news aggregator powered by artificial intelligence (). Bing News similar to Google News.

20. News Republic

News Republic is another mainstream publisher based news aggregator tool that collects the latest updates. You can use it on the phone or computer.

21. Fark

Fark shares stories like sports, business, geek, entertainment, and politics from mainstream news portals.

22. Hacker News

Hacker News is a user-submitted links content aggregator of computer science, web design, web technology and web development news.

23. The Web List

The Web List online aggregator works similarly to Popurls and it posts popular web portal articles side-by-side on the homepage.

24. Webdesigner News

Webdesigner News is the best place to share and read about Web, Ux Usability, Infographics, Typography, resources and mobile Apps.

25. Apple News

Apple News is a pre-installed news app on the iPhone and iPad. It provides the best coverage of current events, curated by editors, and personalized for you.

Metacritic is a good website to read reviews for films, TV shows, music albums, video games, books, and more.

NewsBlur is a personal RSS newsreader.

Reeder 4 – Paid news reader app.

All the above best news aggregator websites help you curate your favourite content from the web or read breaking news from around the world in one place.

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