25 Best Free CMS 2023 – Open Source Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) helps to build a website quickly and you can manage easily without any coding knowledge. Drupal and Mambo are the first open source content management system popularized the idea of CMS.

Currently, WordPress is the most popular free open-source CMS. WordPress powered websites are 60 per cent of total CMS platform usage and 28 per cent of the entire web.

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the most used CMS. There are many content management systems available for the different CMS web purpose.

Here is a collection of best free CMS list so you can choose your favourite CMS which one fits your specific needs.

Top 25 Free Content Management System – Best Open Source Free CMS

1. WordPress

WordPress is an open source free CMS that is the best suitable for creating blogs, small business websites and corporate sites. Many free WordPress themes and Plugins can be download from WordPress directory.

WordPress is the easier content management system than other free CMS software. Anyone can quickly learn WordPress because there are many free resources available on the web.

You can create a website in any context such as creative portfolio, business, eCommerce store, community, non-profit organization site, and so forth.

2. Joomla

Joomla free content management system is best for building large ecommerce websites. Terms of coding power, Joomla is challenging CMS for beginners.

Website Creators who are looking to build powerful online applications, Joomla is best for you.

Joomla has a lot of free extensions and templates that allow you to customize your sites.

3. Drupal

Drupal comes with deeper open source content management system features and best for enterprise website and government websites.

You can create, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. The Drupal framework is written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Drupal has more than 30,000+ extendable modules and 2,000+ themes that make your website handling much easier.

4. Concrete 5

Concrete5 is free PHP based CMS. Users can manage websites with a minimum of technical skills. Concrete5 offers version management for every page which is similar to wiki software.

5. Typo3

TYPO3, As a free Open Source content management system it is suitable for enterprise purposes on the web.

6. Ghost

Ghost is an open source publishing platform which helps you to build a blog. It is another easy to use free CMS for building and running a modern online publication.


MODX is the fastest, most secure, flexible and scalable Open Source CMS. It was first released in 2005.

8. SilverStripe

SilverStripe CMS is a flexible open source Content Management System.

9. mojoPortal

mojo Portal is a 100% free open source content management system. With mojo Portal free CMS, you can create a site with a blog, forums, online store, and whatever content you’d like to build.

10. b2evolution Free CMS

b2evolution Free Social CMS includes everything you need to build websites for sharing and interacting with your community. b2evolution is perfect for a blog, photo gallery site and full-featured community site with forums, members directory and private messaging.

11. Cushy CMS

12. Anchor CMS

13. Contao

14. dotCMS

15. ExpressionEngine

16. Radiant Free CMS

17.  Backdrop

18. Grav Free CMS

19. Bolt CMS

20. October CMS

21. Pagekit

22. Mezzanine

23. Plone

24. Processwire

25. Wagtail

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